Essential Agile Skills

As organizations adopt agile practices, there are several key skills that differentiate high-performing teams from mediocre teams: 1) Working in short timeboxes For a team that is accustomed to delivering working code every six or eight months, two or four week long iterations can be unfathomable. But doing this is essential to the success of … Continue reading Essential Agile Skills

Introducing Scrum to a Team

For a Scrum Master introducing agile to a team, there is a balance between implementing concepts and practices at a pace that does not overwhelm the team and demonstrating the benefits as early as possible to build momentum and support within the organization. Each situation is different, but let’s assume that an organization wants to use Scrum and there … Continue reading Introducing Scrum to a Team

Developers are from Mars, Product Owners are from Venus

Jenny was a seasoned product manager who was growing into the Product Owner role.  She liked her additional responsibilities as Product Owner and the flexibility of the organization’s agile approach.  But after a difficult backlog grooming session she asked Tim, the Scrum Master, if they could speak privately. Imploringly, she threw her hands up in … Continue reading Developers are from Mars, Product Owners are from Venus

Is the Product Owner a Team Member?

Scrum prescribes three roles:  Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Team Members.  The Team Members consist of developers, DBAs, QA people, and others who do the coding, testing, and other work to bring software to life.  Team Members rely on the Product Owner to provide information about requirements as well as to create and execute acceptance tests. If … Continue reading Is the Product Owner a Team Member?